Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been way too lax at posting!

It's not that I haven't be reading, it's just that I haven't been posting what I've read.  Sorry!
I was introduced to the Goodreads site and find lots to do there:
I've been playing the Goodreads 2009 Spring Reading Challenge and it's been so much fun that come June 1, I'll start the Summer Challenge.  You can, too.  If you are already a member of Goodreads, go to this site: and start in.
I'll be getting double duty from the books I read this summer, using them for Goodreads and for the Olathe Public Library Adult Summer Reading Program, which started last Tuesday.  

I've already completed three books for the Library Summer Read:

J. Anthony Froude: The Last Undiscovered Great Victorian, by Julia Markus.
I must admit I would never have picked this up on my own.  I'd never heard of Froude, but Lorie asked me to read the book.  The first third of the book makes for wretched reading (for you fans of A Child Called It, it's right up your alley), and most of the remainder of the book is a reminder of how early abuse affects a person's life forever.  Oh, and why was Froude so great?  He pretty much set the standards for carefully researched biography.

Flinx Transcendent by Alan Dean Foster.
I've been reading Flinx and Pip books for years, following the orphan and his minidragon around the universe.  I must admit, I'm glad this is supposed to be the last one.  The last two or three have taken themselves way too seriously about Flinx being the only one who can save the universe from extinction.  Midway through this one I was hoping it would whimper to a close in a hurry.  A disappointment.

Perfect Soups by Anne Willan.
The layout and instruction in this book were really exceptional.  A couple good sounding recipes.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Reads Summer Reading Challenge

30.1  Biographical fiction and nonfiction
John Brown Fic Raising Holy HellOlds  Bio John Brown, Abolitionist— Reynolds 
George Custer Fic The River & the Horseman -- Skimmin    Bio Touched by Fire—Barnett 
Thomas Jefferson   Fic Sally Hemmings--Chase-Riboud   Bio Jefferson’s Secrets—Bernstein
George Washington Fic Mount Vernon Love Story —Clark   Bio An American Life--Brady  
Anne Boleyn    Fic Mademoiselle Boleyn —Maxwell   Bio The Life & Death of Anne Boleyn—Ives
Charles II of England Fic A Royal EscapeHeyer    Bio King Charles II –Fraser
Abigail Adams   Fic Patriot Hearts—Hambly Bio  Dearest FriendWithey
Ned Kelly   Fic
A True History of the Kelly Gang: A novel--Carey  Bio Ned Kelly: A short life--Jones
Marie Antoinette    Fic The hidden diary of Marie AntoinetteCarolly   Bio Marie Antoinette—Fraser
Frank Lloyd Wright  Fic  Loving Frank--Horan    Bio Frank Lloyd WrightHuxtable
Al Capone   Fic  Road to Perdition—Collins Bio Capone: The Man and the legendBergreen
Mata Hari   Fic Signed, Mata Hari—Murphy    Bio Femme FataleShipman
Duke of Windsor
Fic A Prince Among them—Lacy   Bio A King’s story—Windsor
Wallace Simpson Fic Gone with the Windsors—Graham   Bio The Duchess of WindsorHigham

These are just suggestions, and are for books available at my own public library. I haven’t read all of these. For many of these people there are many other biographies available—feel free to choose another.